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BEST Behavior Bundles: Clip Chart, Weekly Behavior Sheet, and Parent Letter

Happy Memorial Day, Peeps!

It has been raining all day here in Austin but we still managed to get some pool time in with Jet when it [briefly] stopped today!  We had a great weekend and Jet got to see his Bebe!

On Saturday night we went and saw Godzilla in 3D with Jarred's mom!  We had to get a quick 3D selfie in, haha!

I am so excited about presenting at TCEA's upcoming Tots and Technology Conference in Galveston and hope to have all of my products uploaded by then (FINALLY)! So...those who know me (especially my student teachers) will tell you I have a passion for classroom management and positive reinforcement! I believe it should be our goal as educators to focus on creating a classroom climate that fosters mutual respect and most importantly, draws attention to/promotes positive behaviors. There are many strategies and systems teachers use; I encourage my student teachers to "try them on" and see what works best for their group each year. 

Not using a clip chart system...using Class Dojo this year? You can click the image below to purchase my Editable Parent Letters Introducing Class Dojo...and, be on the look out for MORE DOJO!

Please e-mail me with any questions (

Have a wonderful week!  And cheers to SUMMER!

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