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Happy 100th Day of School!

Happy New Year, Peeps (a little late)!

I had so much fun getting this blog going this past fall and feel so bad I have been MIA since November!  I finished a tough semester in graduate school in December and spent a lot of time relaxing, eating [tons], and traveling over the Christmas holidays!  But...I'm back!  A lot of exciting things happening in my life...and I can't wait to share them with you! I'm currently taking my last course and will graduate from The Graduate School at the University of Texas with a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology on May 18th!  The end is SO close!  Only a few more weeks...but who is counting? ;-)

So...the 100th day of school is here!  Can you believe it?  The 100th Day has been my favorite day of kindergarten since I started teaching in 2008!  I just have so much fun seeing the smiles on my kids' faces throughout the day!  I even gave my TCEA badge to another teacher last week so I wouldn't miss the 100th Day (I look forward to TCEA every year)!  I told my student teacher to get some sleep tonight, haha!  I am always more exhausted than ever after the day is over...but, knowing my kids had a blast makes it worth it!

I have always been one to eat my dessert, I've decided that is what I'll talk about first.  The 100th Day Snack is literally the cherry on top...

I created a table with 2 columns (Snack Name / Parent Name) and listed 10 different snacks I needed parents to buy (see below) and send in...and shared it with them on a Google Doc [so that it is automatically updated when a parent signs up].  They sign up on the Google Doc, bring the snacks in, and I put them in trays [I bought for .99 at Party City] on each table.  After previewing the snack/sorting mat as a whole group, I have my kids return to their tables and gather 10 of each snack from their table's tray. After they fill their snack mat, I have them choose 2 snacks they would like to eat...and we put the rest in a Ziploc bag and send home. So much fun!  

Now...back to the beginning of the day (now that I have gotten the "dessert" out of the way - ha).  We are dressing up like we are 100 years old tomorrow (some years we have made t-shirts; I polled the parents this year using PollDaddy on our classroom website and dressing up won this year).  So...after the parents come in and take pictures after morning assembly, I usually start the day with a lot of fun, fast-paced activities.  I have the straws helper lead the class in counting to 100 on the interactive hundreds chart on my SMART Board, have them do 100 jumping jacks, have them write their name as many times as they can in 100 seconds, and then have them go to their tables where they will find their hundreds chart along with a sheet of stickers.  You can purchase this hundreds chart by going to my TPT store or clicking the image below:

I have them create their own pattern with stickers for each row of 10. Not only do they like having their own hundreds chart and counting/creating a unique pattern for each row, but this is also an activity that develops fine motor skills (peeling each sticker and placing it in a small, designated space).

You might also want to check out BrainPOP Jr.'s 100 video:

And of course, I love to read Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day during our read aloud time after lunch:

Well, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the 100th Day this week!  "See" you very soon, Peeps!  Off to bed to get some ZZZZzzzzZZZ's for tomorrow!