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Bundle Time!

Hi, Peeps!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!  Here's a picture of Jet (the cutest little hunter EVER!) and me before his very first Halloween block party!

We have had a busy week and weekend.  We took some of my girlfriends and their husbands out to our ranch in Uvalde this weekend and had such a fun time!  One of my girlfriends is five months pregnant and one has three absolutely beautiful children!  The boys hunted while we had some much-needed girl time!  Lots of fun and great food!  Jet is going to sleep good tonight!

So...I consolidated some great word work files I created and decided to give them a facelift...and begin updating my TpT store!  You know me and word families...I love them!  I think word work with word families (that's a lot of w's - ha!) is not only important in reading instruction ("chunk the word/look for a part/chunk you know"), but also in writing (writing fluency activities like word family races during small group/guided reading, "Write as many -at family words on your dry erase board as fast as you can...if you know bat you know rat, sat, chat, etc..." and/or "What do I need to add to the -at to make it "chat?"). 

Check 'em out (they are all linked to my TpT store so you can click for a preview file):

I am going to make it a point to upload all of my Thanksgiving files THIS WEEK (this requires what I call "precision timing" with a newborn)!  I need to say that several more times...this week....this week....THIS WEEK!  In between Jet's naps, that is!

I can't believe he is two months old today (cuter/sweeter/chunkier than ever)!  Time truly flies.

I need to get some sleep while I can (also have to rest up for the Nutcracker Market in Houston this weekend...I look forward to it every year)!  Acres and acres of the cutest Christmas decor, food, and fun at Reliant! After this weekend, no more traveling for this mama until Christmas! I'm sure you can understand how exhausting traveling can be with kids...especially newborns!

Have a wonderful week (there are those w's again)!

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