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TPT Election Freebies!

Well, Peeps…Tuesday is almost here!  

We are going to have a school-wide character election (my kinders are going to get to vote during lunch time using iPads!) for grades K-2 and grades 3-5 will vote as if it were the real election.  I created the following FREEBIES you can download from my TPT store for Tuesday...have fun!

Using the template below, encourage each student to brainstorm four different reasons s/he would make a good President by writing each in a brainstorming bubble. Students can arrange their thoughts and combine their sentences in their daily journal, etc.  These could also be enlarged and displayed in your classroom for student viewing.

As a whole group, collectively brainstorm the roles and duties of the United States President.  Then, have each student independently complete the sentence frame and draw a picture of themselves as President.  These always turn out so cute...I will add it to our collection of class books in my classroom library so my kinders can read them.

I am also a fan of Doreen Cronin's Duck for students love her books!

If your school has a subscription to Scholastic's BookFlix, you can view it on your SMART Board or ActivBoard.  You will find it listed under the Family and Community section:

Be sure to also check out Brain POP Jr.'s President video...
no subscription required... the video is free!

I want to hear what you're doing in your classroom this week...are you having an election?  Have you downloaded any election mini units on TPT?  If so, which are your favorite?  Please share in the comments!

I have class tomorrow night but will hopefully be back on Wednesday!  Night, Peeps!

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