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Organize with Tumbler Cups, Sight Words, and Color!

Hi, Peeps!

Jet and I had a lunch date today and ventured on over to The Container Store after our date :) Can you say teacher heaven? :)  I just posted these pics on Kinder Peeps' Facebook page and wanted to make sure and blog about it, too!

I learned about this whole cup thing from my cooperating teacher in Lubbock while I was student teaching at Texas Tech! She is the most organized/brilliant [now Pre-K] teacher on the planet and I LOVE HER and everything she does...because it WORKS! And she is a great friend and makes me laugh like no other, ha! Just had to throw that in there ;-)

Having a good supply "system" for your students is key; each student has a short tumbler cup (I buy the short ones because they are less likely to tip over) with a glue stick, pencil, scissors, and crayons. When they are done with their work, the cup goes back in the box that corresponds to their table (I name tables using sight words to increase their exposure to addition to table colors to help them stay organized at the beginning).

When students are not finished with their work and we have to transition to specials or lunch, etc., they place their cup on top of their work. This way, I can quickly see who needs extra time and who has started on their finished menu choices.

Side note: if they need their cup during a work station in the morning when I am pulling my guided reading groups, they go and get it from their table's container. This way, student supplies don't get sorted and misplaced during literacy stations because all cups are in their containers unless they need them as I described above.

Once I have my final roster, I print student names on Avery labels and secure them to the top of their cups. So…go get your short tumblers at the Dollar Store…and if you have a Container Store near you, I suggest checking these out (they were on sale today):

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