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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Peeps!

Little Jet took his first trip to the Cayman Islands over the Christmas break.  We got some great pictures of him!  He is just so easy going and sweet...and changing everyday...rolling over and pushing up! I love my baby!  Enjoy the pics!

I took him to our pediatrician today for his 4 month appointment (can't believe it has already been that long!) and here are his big boy stats:

In other news, I was offered a faculty position at the University of Texas starting this semester! I will be working part-time (perfect for my sweet Jet) with student of my favorite roles in the past!  I love the world of teacher education and I can't wait to work with this group! We are going to have a fun, busy semester!  

Until then...stay warm (it was 20 here in Austin last night)!

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